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Insights : Life Lessons from Noah’s Ark

Life Lessons from Noah’s Ark



  1.  Plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.
  2.  Stay fit. When you’re 600 years old, someone might ask you to do something REALLY big.
  3.  Don’t listen to critics, do what has to be done.
  4.  Build on high ground.
  5.  For safety’s sake, travel in pairs.
  6.  Two heads are better than one.
  7.  Speed isn’t always an advantage. The cheetahs were on board, but so were the snails.
  8.  If you can’t fight or flee, float!
  9.  Take care of your animals as if they were the last ones on earth.
  10.  Don’t forget that we’re all in the same boat.
  11.  When the doo-doo gets really deep, don’t sit there and complain shovel!!!
  12.  Stay below deck during the storm.
  13.  Remember that the ark was built by amateurs and the Titanic was built by professionals.
  14.  If you have to start over, have a friend by your side.
  15.  Remember that the woodpeckers INSIDE are often a…

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Rakshabandhan : Its my turn to surprise my Didi

Its August 10, 2014. Celebrated Rakshabandhan happily as never like before, with Deepa.

We met at Agarwal bhavan restaurant at 7:30 p.m. wished Rakshabandhan wishes to each other. I presented my gift to Deepa.


She tied a lovely, shining stone embedded Rakhi on my hand. I don’t know how she got to know that I love shining stones. Or it may be just a coincidence of same thoughts we had. I loved it.


She said it was her first time tying Rakhi to the brother who is not a blood relation. I’m so glad for being that first person.

Every time like a magical fairy she appears in front of me and surprises me. Sometimes it was even like a heart attack surprise to me as I’ve mentioned in earlier posts :-)

But today on this special occasion of Rakshabandhan, its my turn to surprise her. I told her to open the gift. Then she started unwrapping the gift. After the outer gift wrapper is off, she guessed and said it seems like kind of lamination(photo frame). I said, you’re right, keep going, check inside!

When she took the photo frame, there she really got shocked and said, “Rajiv I really loved it so much, you really are so amazing, I’m surprised”. I felt so glad, hearing this. I’m so happy that I surprised my Didi for the first time and she liked my gift verymuch. Here is what I gifted to Deepa. An art by me :-) a pencilsketch portrait of her.


She opened the stand and kept the photo frame on the table for sometime and staring at it, didn’t spoken a word :-) I can guess it was really an unexpected and shocking surprise to her.

After that we had a long chat for an hour about lot of things, she said about her trip to Hampi, about the challenging situation in her office etc etc. She said she will take me to Hampi on this month end, may be, because continuous holidays are heading on end of this month :-)

Started with Hot and sour soup, we had Gobi-paratha and finished our short and simple dinner with ginger lime juice in the end. We left at 8:30 p.m.

Thankyou Didi for coming today, for the beautiful Rakhi and making my day special.

God, thank you for helping our spirits filled with love.

With love,

Friendship Day Celebration 2014

August 3, 2014 – Wishing you all a Happy friendship day

For the first time in the history of my life I’ve planned to surprise my new friends with love. So yesterday itself I went to dreamworld and bought friendship bands.

The first band I tied to Trisha, our music school student in the past, who I met in dreamworld shop yesterday. I am surprised to see her after a long time. She came with her mom for shopping. I’m feeling happy that I got chance to tie my first friendship band to Trisha.


This pair of bands I tied to the lovely siblings Nikhil-Ananya in our music school. They got surprised and wished me friendship day. They both said, they are making a handmade bands for me and gonna tie them on both of my hands on the next class we meet. I’m so glad to hear that and I’m feeling loved.


This special one goes to a special person, my best friend, Didi and well-wisher, Deepa Gupta. I’m so glad that she accepted my friendship band with happiness. She said that she liked it and gonna keep it tied in her hands for at least 10 days. She also said that she liked it, when I tie friendship bands to many other kids who comes to our music school. Thank you Didi for your love and care for me.


This beautiful one goes to a one of my favourite and most silent student of our music school, Prachi Bharaktiya. I’m so happy when she wished back to me, happy friendship day.


And this one goes to one of the young best keyboard student of our school, Sai. Thankyou Sai for accepting my friendship band.

God . . . I thank you from my heart with love, for being my spiritual friend and making this day special.

~ with love

Just like Santa on the Christmas day

Its 2014 July 30, 8:56 p.m.

In this entry I just want to capture an incredible surprise moment that just happened.

If I could rewind and replay the Life, then I will rewind back my life to 8:35 p.m. of Today and replay until 8:45 p.m. repeatedly.

It was 8:35 p.m. while listening to a Theme of Inception – Piano Cover by Mark Fowler in YouTube, I am reading an article in tinybuddha.com. My phone starts ringing at 8:39 p.m. Guess who! It was my Di. These days she was so crazy busy with her office works, and hardly gets time to contact. I just picked the call, moving to front of our office!!

Me: helloooo…
Di: where are you…
Me: I’m in office…
Di: check I’m in front of your office only…
Me: you’re here? where? (with eyes wide open searching for any white car around)
Di: oh! dear, see here on your left, in the bike (she got her friends bike)..

I kinda like a kid who meets her parents after years, with happiness, jumped in the steps ran to her. And I got no words when I reached, just staring at her eyes. She started saying, her days was so damn crazy, her boss is coming this week, she got the bike from her friend, bla bla bla etc etc. I stopped her by saying okay come on you just take me a ride in your bike.

Me now sitting in the back of her bike, not gonna get down without getting a ride. She was like saying, oh God!! you really really are a Mad Boy!! See next time I won’t get bike!! :-D :-D She asked, where shall I take you now? I said, anywhere, just go around this road, one round. She started the bike. The weather was so cold and it was kind of rain drizzling slowly. She took me one short ride, started in Moore Rd & came back in Robertson Rd and dropped me in front of my Office. It may start rain, she has to leave immediately. So said bye and she just flies in her bike.

Just like Santa on the Christmas day she came surprisingly, gave me the gift of happiness and made my day special . . .

sometimes for me its hard to differentiate dreams and reality, when the good damn awesome God surprises me like this


~ Rajiv ~

An awesome day full of surprises

Its July 18, 2014

Since I got up in the morning my good damn Nose starts like water flows out of an exploded dam. Somehow got up ready and reached office at 10:30. After having my breakfast, had two tablets. Felt badly feverish sitting under the A/C, I was unable to concentrate on work. Suddenly my friend came calling me for Lunch. I was like – What? I just now had my breakfast!!. Then I realized its already noon 1:30, can’t believe that three hours gone just like 3 seconds. I had the lunch partially and fell asleep in my room until 4:00. Feeling a bit better now. Did face-wash and had a cup of tea. Now going back to office.

There stays a surprise right on top of my workbench above my keyboard . Its waiting just for me to come. It is a Letter!! Yay yay!! from my friend Thuy Dinh who lives in SanJose California USA!! wow wowww lovely!! Its kinda long, she had written a 3 long pages. I read thoroughly, when I am reading through it I feel like she is sitting in front of me and talking to me. Yes hear her talking, I remember her voice from a Skype chat we had over a year back. I think she has been listening to music when writing this letter for me because I can see some song lyrics she have shared in it. Here is the one I liked…

I hope you find the love that’s true
So the morning light can shine on you
I hope you find what you’re looking for
So your heart is warm for ever more

~ “Shine” by Benjamin Francis Leftwich

and then she has shared about her life and a lots of blessings, thoughts, advice and love for me. I am feeling blessed to have such friends around me. Distance is nothing when friendship blooms from our heart. The fragrance of it just travels beyond the oceans. For now I just sent a thanks note to her on Facebook messenger. I will be writing a reply letter to her soon.

Then again started working the time flies. Its 8:00 now, the inner voice says “Hey Rajiv, the climate is chill, It will be nice to go out now and have some hot soup dude!!”. Then why stop? I asked my roommate for a company. But he refused, so now I am going on my own. I checked at hotel ShantiSagar but no soup!!. Then I went to AgarwalBavan, ordered a cup of hot and sour soup. Waiting alone in my table and watching people around me.

In AgarwalBavan, other than their damn slow waiter service, the environment is just a nice place to get friends together and have chit chat fun along with sweets and snacks. Sounds great right? Of course with no doubt the next thought I had is about my Didi, she is my best friend too. I wished to get her to this place on some day.

Now here comes the “Hot & Sour soup”. Ha wow!! the taste of the vegetables in soup at perfectly right temperature added with salt and pepper makes it just awesome and feels really good!!. The fever and cold just flew away like feathers!!. While I am enjoying the soup, there arrived a man and young gorgeous woman in saree with hand full bangles. I couldn’t see her complete face but just cheeks. Some thing inside me says you know her!! you know her!! Oh god who is that? who is that!!! Come on!!! Just show your face, just turn once . . turn turn.

Ahhhh!! there comes a Heart attack!! Its herrrrrr… Deepa… who I thought about a seconds back and who I wished to get to this place someday. Yeah! but I didn’t expected that that “Someday” is gonna be “Today”. Oh my good damn awesome God you never forget to surprise me!! I then shifted from my table and joined with them. She said that she also had missed me today and had thought about calling me here when she arrived, because I stay near by that restaurant.

That reminds be an article that I read in TOI a couple of days back. It says that scientist has found “People with genetic similarity become friends”. But there is more than that, there is an invisible cosmic connectivity between their Souls too, I feel like that so. May be that scientist are in basic stages, they might get it in future ;-) haha … Ok anyway lets stop thinking about it too much and enjoy the present moment.

She then introduced me to her colleague Anoop who is from Kerala. Currently in Bangalore, India International Travel Mart is organizing an exhibition noted by many exhibiting companies, displaying a wide range of travel and tourism services and related it. This is happening for 3 days and today is the first day of the exhibition. Deepa and Anoop also participating there exhibiting their services. She has invited me to her stall in the exhibition. So I have planned to visit on Sunday.

With funny Chit chats along with Hot and sour soup, Aloo paratha and Gobi paratha we enjoyed our dinner. And at the end we finished up our dinner with yummy AgarwalBhavan’s special Jelebi.

And that makes a sweet and lovely ending to this awesome unexpected special day.

Now its Thanks giving time. Thanks to ThuyDinh for the surprise letter, Thanks to my Didi and Anoop for making the dinner awesome and Thanks to the beloved God for giving me surprises and making the day special.

Thanks you my dear blog readers!!
See you later on the upcoming special days…

~ with Love



Happy Birthday @ShirleySetia

Shirley Setia


Me: Happy birthday @ShirleySetia . . . . Love your #songs :-)
Shirley Setia: @rajivm1991 thanks :) :) which one is ur fav?
Me: @ShirleySetia Baarish Yaariyan & Taylor Swift LoveStory, these are my favourite song of you. You’ve got an awesome voice, Keep going girl <3
Shirley Setia: @rajivm1991 awesomee! I hope I can add more to that list soon! hehe. Keep listening (& sharing too :p)

Awesome Sunday with my Di

I left my office at 5 in the evening. As our music classes are closed I thought to ask my Di to call out for playing shuttlecock. I called her, unfortunately she was not able to come, but luckily she invited me to visit her client’s farmhouse that she is going on the next day. I said no reasons, accepted the invite, cancelled all my other plans :-)hihi!.

I wake up at 7:30 a.m. after snoozing my alarm several times which actually kept for 7:00 a.m. I got ready in another half an hour. Then I called Di, she was already in WTC building Orian mall, and said I am starting. I hired an auto and reached there at 8. We then met near WTC. It was her wish, she said, to go to the top floor of the WTC building and see the look of Bangalore city. Which is going to happen in few minutes after we met. There was some meetings happening on 31st floor which she got invited to. So she went inside WTC, I was waiting near the lake there. The weather was cold in the morning, I miss my pullover and it was bit boring as there is no water in the lake.


After the meeting over she came back with her business client Jayaram, from The Green Path. He took us to one of his resort in Bangalore. It was awesome and green. He left me and Di in kitchen and went away for getting ready. We two had nice organic food there for breakfast. Then came back and waiting in the reception hall for a while and chatting.


When Jayaram came he took us to his farm land in Nilamangala 30kms from Bangalore. It was very green, natural and clean environment. There we saw a couple of surprisingly rare variety of dogs. They were both lean but very tall ones, I never have seen that kind of dogs before. It must be the one which they use for hunting purpose, may be!.


Then he took us to his farmhouse in the middle of his farmland. It was again an awesome calm place, surrounded with lots of trees and flowering plants around. The house was built with mud bricks and windows are at right place, which brings chillness and natural ambiance light inside the house. We removed our shoes and sit there in the first floor and had a nice Black tea and chatting. Jayaram shared his stories, about his organic farming, his Coorg resort bla bla bla etc etc.


The lunch arrived!. we came down, started with hot green soup, then a couple of healthy organic rotis with spicy brinjal curry and spinach. It was nice village lunch. The funny part is the spiciness of brinjal curry made Jayaram to sweat horribly. It was 3:00 p.m. when we finished with our lunch. Jayaram’s plan was to take sleep up to 5 and then take us to his actual farming place.


Jayaram went for sleeping. But me and Di, as we both are working, not used to the Afternoon sleeping habit. We took a couple of chairs and sitting in the terrace. Ha!! there comes the change in weather. It suddenly started raining!! and it lasts for half an hour. The place become more cool. After rain stops completely, I got a nice idea. I said to Di, come let’s go in to the forest.


We both started slowly without disturbing Jayaram, who is snoring inside, came out of the farmhouse. It was so funny, we both felt like a school kids doing this and I liked it. We didn’t wear our shoes, selected a direction and went inside the farmland, I felt like we were walking inside forest with tall trees covered on both sides. We found the farming land, which was covered with plastic fabrics around. When we went inside I found a big spider sitting in centre of her web. It looked so beautiful with sprinkles of small water droplets in her web.


Then came out of that plastic covered place, started walking still deep inside. Walking with our bare foot in freshly grown grass just after the Rain stopped was really an awesome nature walking experience. We were in the middle and started taking pictures of ourselves, like walking alone in the forest. Then continued and reached the end, the place looks like big circular steps going downwards, something like audience seats in the cricket stadium. The place was filled with so much of spiky plants, it started piercing our legs and it hurts. We felt like, Oh god!! let’s go out of this place.


We walked back the same route and reached the farmhouse. On the way we found some big ant homes there. The farm workers were drilling holes in the ground for planting new trees, that makes more noise. We were bit tired after walking, so we washed our legs and went to the beds to have short nap. We were lying there and listening to the videos of our music school annual day function that we recorded in our mobiles.

While listening to the music,  I took a short nap for about 5 mins. When I opened my eyes, at the same second Di came down and peaking at my face to see whether I slept or not hihi :-) . Then I wake up and we were looking at my hometown photos in my mobile. While swiping at the hometown photos in mobile suddenly a girl’s photo, who was my college mate and was my crush, came in the screen. There starts a different topic.

I shared my college un-told love stories to Di. I felt shy, when I said it to Di and I don’t know why, may be because the first time I’m sharing the story with someone. But I feel free and released once I finished. Di is so patiently listening to all I said and giving ideas, she asked why I have not said my love to my crush. But what I felt is the girl I am interested in is not interested in me. So what I am doing now is letting her go. I don’t want to disturb her any more. yes I do miss her. But you know what, that is Life.


It’s not what we make, It’s all decided by god, who we will be meeting and having our relationship with in our life. Some people are like seasons, they come and they go but they don’t stay with us throughout the year. But some people are like moon and the earth, they synchronize with each other, they will be staying around together through out our life time. Yet it is decided by god. And Yes! god is true! Life really is wonderful though there is highs and falls, happiness and sadness.

Its evening about 5:00 p.m. we went back upstairs. Again sat on the same chairs we kept in the terrace later. Di while combing her hair, sharing her stories with me. About the two Rahul, the old company she worked and the different kinds of people she met in her life. Later we share about our school days, interests and wishes etc.

It was 6 p.m. we wear our shoes back. Sky is getting darker faster than usual as it rained in the evening. At the same time Jayaram woke up and came. Thank god, If we would have waited for him to take us in to his farmland, me and Di might have missed the fun we had. We came down and went to the place where the farmer people drilled holes in the ground for planting new trees. Jayaram given me and Di an opportunity to plant the new trees. We planted Jack fruit trees. We were doing it happily and it was a nice experience for us.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After a while we went back to the terrace and meditated for some time, then had a nice Black tea with peanuts.


We finished and came down, It was dark in front of the farmhouse where me and Di were standing. Jayaram was talking with his farm workers. The next day was my Birthday. I liked to give my birthday treat to Di, I don’t know, sometime I become so mad and fight like baby, I started fighting with Di asking her to come for dinner. I may not compromise them in fighting, but I still do, because I absolutely love to fight like silly kid with people closer to my heart. Yes that is the real me and I never give up or change myself for anyone.

Yes we came to end of our awesome Sunday trip. Lets thank for everybody that makes this day awesome. I really enjoyed the day well and it was so awesome. I thank Jayaram for taking us to his beautiful farmhouse, I thank my Didi for being my best friend and her love for me, I thank the farmer family for the wonderful food they provided us, I thank trees and all green around us for making the overall day wonderful, I thank the cloud for giving the rain, I finally thank God for nourishing our life with all his resources making it a beautiful memory.

Beautiful Memories Never Fades….

With Love!!
~ Rajiv

Does python have ‘private’ variables in classes?

“In java, we have been taught about public/private/protected variables”

“Why is that not required in python?”

For the same reason it’s not required in Java.

You’re free to use — or not use private and protected.

As a Python and Java programmer, I’ve found that private and protected are very, very important design concepts. But as a practical matter, in tens of thousands of lines of Java and Python, I’ve never actually used private or protected.

Why not?

Here’s my question “protected from whom?”

Other programmers on my team? They have the source. What does protected mean when they can change it?

Other programmers on other teams? They work for the same company. They can — with a phone call — get the source.

Clients? It’s work-for-hire programming (generally). The clients (generally) own the code.

So, who — precisely — am I protecting it from?

Right. The schizophrenic sociopath who refused to read the API comment blocks.

Well said!! http://stackoverflow.com/a/1641305/2542750

Need a change – Started writing in my new blog

piano keys

As you already know I am a keyboard self learner and teacher… Have started a new blog in the title “Life Is Melody”, same as present blog but in more pretty URL that suits the title and purpose and easy to remember. Its

lifeIsMelody . WordPress . com

I hope this new blog start will bring a change in my progress of music learning and teaching. Having already posted my 1st post in the new blog… Waiting for you, my dear lovely friends and blog followers, to visit my new writing platform…

Keep Smiling Always!!
Rajiv M