Reading blogs in web

At the end of my 6th sem i had vacate my hostel room. Packed every things in my room to home. Enjoyed a week holiday in my sweet home. Enjoyed freedom. After the holiday i was entering in to the college hostel with feeling of being final year. I bring back everything except my dear. It was my alltime companion. I really missing my 10 years old computer. Now i am living alone in my room. But this situation not left me as a lazy man. It bring the new habbit of reading blogs in me. I am reading many blogs all from my mobile internet browser. Some blogs impressed me and make me to write blog posts myself. I’ve created my own blog. And now I’m posting my own posts :-) . . .
Am really enjoying my new Habit. For giving me such happiness i say heartfull of thanks to my god.
* * * * *
Om Shanti


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