my first affection – my first love

In my thirteen i had my first love. I was just an eighth standard student. I had my tution coaching nearby my home. There i got a chance to see my angel. I really became mad of her in that unforgettable sweet days. Really i am very crazy about her. Planned to propose her in totally different from others. But the time didn’t favours me. The tution centre was closed.
Now 8 years gone so many persons crossed me but even now when i am going to my father’s office in my scooty through that small street i i am having her memories in my heart and expecting to see her face atleast once! With her memories i write this post…
Whenever i hear a melodious love song your remembrances hugs me. Your memories feathers in my eye brows. In my every breath your remembrances have been mixed.
Memories rains as raining, memories acts as an umberlla, memories fires out, memories pours water. When i hear the word poem your name strikes in my mind. All the songs i hear reminds your talks with me. The snow droplets on flowers it resembles like your pimples…


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