My first journey in flight : awesome experience

It was evening about 5’o clock i had been reached Madurai airport. It was my first time stepping into the Airport. It was Madurai to Chennai trip. In the entrance the two armed securities checked my tickets and allow inside.

I had take some fast-food before journey. Two beautiful air hostess from Spice-jet air service were standing in front of me. I was standing stunned before her beautiful face. She called me with her flowery voice. I came closer and show my tickets. She checked and provide me seat card. I got the seat numbered 27C  Wow ! thats nearby window. That was my luck having window seat.

I’m moving towards the waiting hall. My luggages and myself were checked, then i was allowed in to the waiting hall. I was waiting there expecting to see the flight. It was amazing moment the Spice-jet was landing in the runway in front of my eyes the first time. Wow really i was exciting. We were travelled by a small bus near to the jet plane.

I’m stepping in to the plane. The ultimately beautiful hostess wearing red coloured skirt came near me guided me to my seat. I put my seat belt. She, the Red skirt Angel explained about usage directions of safety jackets. I really enjoyed the moment :) :) .

The jet was sharply takeoff @ 6:45pm. I was seeing through the window while the plane was taking up. I had a feeling that i am travelling in a 30 degree slant in the air. Through the window i can see all the building looking like small small light blocks. It was a nice experience i ever had in my life. Wow ! What a wonderful view through the window.

Suddenly i here my mom’s voice calling me. The voice asked me to go and cut my highly grown hair. I turned and opened my eyes. Oh! my God i am in my bed, it was 7:30am in the morning. Then only i realised that i was in the dream. I really experienced it. Every moment was natural and gave real feeling of plane, i had in dream. Really awesome :) and nice experience that i ever had in my Life.


With fruitful memories !!! ~ Rajiv Chellam


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