What is it ? Positive Thinking ?

It is it !

yeah! we can say,

  • It is a mental attitude.
  • It is a way of seeing life.
  • It means doing things with assertiveness.
  • It is a way of behaving and taking a position before events, situations and people.

We spend our lives in search of peace, happiness, love, truth and knowledge, our most genuine qualities.

What we are looking for in our lives, what we are longing for, we already possess in our inner selves. We simply have to rediscover it through our reflection.

Hear, this question may arise, why do we want to be positive?

The answer is,Because being positive means being in harmony. Just as our bodies are 80% water and this is the element that we most need daily,so our inner selves also need positivity, because that is what it is.

Some people think that a positive thinker always goes round with a good-natured smile on their face thinking that everything is hunky-dory. Whatever happens, they will just tell you to keep smiling. Others believe that positive thinking turns us into timid and weak people.

It is not like that though. The more we understand and experiment with our own inner qualities and powers, the stronger we become and less we depend on others. Knowing our own weaknesses can also help us to become stronger and more stable people.


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