Extremely grisly Black Monsters : Came in front of me yesterday

On the other day, After the classes were over, i was returning to my room walking. At that time i could feel that the brighter environment becomes dimmer and dimmer very faster. I turned left and right suddenly to make sure that I’m not caught by any Ghost. None was there around me, but till i found why the environment is become darken, inside me the fear of ghost increases and so i had started walking faster upto my best running towards my room with a strong hope that my room will provide protection for me from the terrifically nebulous terrors. Atlast i entered my room and closed the door. Still I’m in fear, so i just peep out through window. The seen i saw out in the cloud, oh shit ! Its just gonna rain now :) Now all my fear inside vanished . . .

I’ve attached the cute poses of those Dark Grisly Black Nebulous Ghost . . . See how they are smiling :)

~ with fear inside
~ Rajiv chellam


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