Motivation is an inner positive energy, a combination of enthusiasm and clear perception (understanding) that enables us to accomplish (complete) a task. 

Motivation keeps us determined and on course, otherwise it is so easy to be distracted by problems and laziness. What does motivation do? It moves us from one reality to another, from where I am to where I wish to be. 

When we want to reactivate our motivation we need to examine the following: 

* What do I want? 
* What do I wish for? 
* What do I value? 
* What do I need? 
* What do I enjoy? 
* What do I understand? and, especially, 
* What do I love? 

When we sit down and think about the answers to these questions, they become the basis for activating new insights and tasks and for reactivating those insights and tasks, which I have forgotten to pay proper attention to and have not developed properly. 


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