Have Dedicated Love to your Life


It’s very painful when you love someone without meeting them.

Also more painful when you love someone without the courage to tell her that you love like.

There are moments in life makes you ask people a lot, so you just want to run and hug them tightly. Let that person know you’ve got to think like that

Giving someone all your heart is never a guarantee that they love you, do not wait for the opposite. Let your love grows in their hearts, but if that does not happen then satisfied because at least it has grown up in you.

Bright future based on past have often forgotten, you can not live at peace if you do not throw away all the sorrow that was over.

A sad thing in life is when you meet a person means to you, and finally realize that they were born not for you and can only let them go …..

But when one door closes, another door opens again. What you need to do is stop waiting for the doors which are closed, find the other door is open for you ……

Do not forget the hope, the hope is the strength for you to survive even when you’re abandoned. Do not lose faith in self. Just believe “I can do” and you have reason to try to do that.

Do not beat your difficulties, be patient and you will pass. .

Do not wait for what you want but go look for them.

Smile in your life. Your smile brings happiness to others and thus bring happiness to yourself.

Never say no to love again if the other person’s eyes can still keep your feet.

Do not cry because everything was over, smile because things are ahead.

Do not run the flashy looks, it can fade over time.

Do not run after money, one day it will disappear. .

Run by someone you can always smile because only a smile to dispel the darkness in your night.

Always put yourself in other people’s situation and look, if it hurts you, it will also hurt others. .

The happiest people do not have to have everything the best, they are just people who make things, things happen the way they are. .

Happiness often fool those who cry, those who hurt, those who have searched and tried. But so, they know the value of those around them. .

Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss and ends with tears. When you’re born, you cried while everyone around laugh. Live so that when you die, people still cry, you smile in your lips..

Keep even the smallest of things friends … Maybe later it will be a memorial of you. .

Speak words of love to the person you most love …. .

You do not need 3 seconds to say "I love you", less than 3 minutes to explain this in words, less than 3 days to feel what it means to prove, but simply saying that the life is not enough..

Also: Just a minute of time you may feel like a man. An hour to the injured person. A date for that loved one. But you will take a lifetime to forget someone. .

Nobody is worth of the tears with you. And those who will never be worth make you cry. .

Only if you really want someone to be happy, even if that happiness is not for you, you understand that you really love that person.

There is a fact that you will not know until you do lose it, but there is another fact you will not know what you are looking for until you have it. .

Do what you want to do, what you want to dream in your dreams, where you want to become what you want, because you only have one life and one chance to do whatever you want. .

Let’s forget life worries.

Love is risky because it can be denied. But it was not risky and fail in life because the most dangerous thing is not challenging anything. .

Love is the knife. It pierced the heart broken or have it engraved on our heart the wonderful graffiti and will follow with us to the end of life. .

It is coated with metallic patches, but you will and heart of? .

Love is a gift – that can only sprout buds emerge when given . .

Hope you have enough happiness to more sweet, enough trials to back up strong, enough sorrow to you to understand life, you have the confidence to step forward and have love for life dedicated to …

~ Here, With dedicated Love to all my Friends as well as my Life

~ Rajiv M


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