10 Facts about Rajiv Chellam

There is this boy, who finally changed his hobby, now writing posts in his blog, instead of writing computer programs. Simply, he is a kind of Programming freak before he get signing up with wordpress. Happy-New-Year & his Happy-Birthday is his Favourite part of the year. I came to know little bit about him when I start realize myself deeply, ’who I am?’…

Rajiv Chellam

Ok fine, Not much twist, this is me Rajiv, ‘the little childish and little informal boy’, let’s see here are 10 facts about Rajiv Chellam:

10. Love taking Photographs; especially of the Clouds, Sunrise, Sunset, Little Birds and Flowers

9. Like the combination of Light Blue with White; that’s why I’ve painted my blog with Blue

8. Just like my Friend Doodling-Sandy I also don’t read news so often and not yet started. However, it is one of the things I need to learn.

7. Uncontrollable laughing, Watching cute Little Flowers and Birds, Travelling along cool hill-side, Writing Poems, are the Things that makes Rajiv Happy…

6. I don’t prefer to go to Movies often, Am fan neither of an Actor nor of the Movies, but am fan of Songs and Music’s… Usually prefer to hear soft… melodious… peaceful music; my most Favourite music that I got crazy over to hear, Songs by ‘The-Corrs’. I love their song ‘Little Wing’, and the melody flute music very very much… so peaceful, so so melodious; the Flute music is playing inside my heart all the time…

5. Very crazy over to have lovely fighting with my Close buddies.

4. I live with my Parents. I’ve a younger sister. She and I grew up under their care.

3. I’m currently doing my Final year of college studies; for the degree Bachelor-of-Engineering in ‘Electronics and Communication Engineering’. Recently got recruited by the company VINJEY as Junior Software Engineer just a couple of weeks before in an Off Campus…

2. I was a crybaby when I first entered in my college 3 years before. Happy, sad, or angry, tears just came out of my eyes so easily. My friends try hard to convince me to stop my tears, but after the years of enjoying this college life, I’ve realized importance of my Life’s happiness. Now in shortly this is ‘Rajiv of version-2’…. Yeah! the new version baby who changed his habit of crying

1. Love to be Baby forever to my Close heart… ‘Coz I got very crazy to be like child, to have a childish fighting, to have a little hugs and kisses . Simply am Mad of my mother’s LoVe…

With the happiness of inform you that, This is my 100’th post in my Blog, I would like to share this happiness with all my blogger friends. . .

My tags goes to,

Hello, Blogger friends :) hoping you would eagerly accept this challenge, Thank you the stars of my Night Sky. . . Keep Blogging. . .

~ With you forever
~ Rajiv M


8 thoughts on “10 Facts about Rajiv Chellam

  1. Happy 100th post, Rajiv! I’m so proud of you – what an accomplishment!

    We have a lot in common. :D I really like your pictures! Thanks so much for tagging me. You keep blogging too – you’re great!

  2. Hey Mr. Chellam! =) tehee. i will collect another 10 facts about me.. after that, i’d gather all my guts to have them posted. thanks a lot! and ohhh… we’ll sing happy birthday then? hehehe. happy centennial post! =) is that your little sister on your photo? she’s very pretty! =)

    1. Hi sandy, my Little sister says, she is wanna meet you :) . . . will you ? :)
      Thank you sandy for being with us and sharing our 100’th post celebration with happiness :) . . .
      And Mr.Chellam !!! very cool… i like this name :)
      Thank you :) Bunch of flowers for you :)

      ~ Rajiv M

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