Happiness Unlimited (leaf 1)

Om Shanti…

Happiness is a state of being, created while working towards the goal, not a feeling to be experienced after achieving the goal.

If we believe that happiness is after achieving, then we create stress, anger and fear while achieving, and thus do not experience happiness.

Before I take the responsibility of those around me, I need to take responsibility of my own thinking and feelings.

When I am happy and take care of others, then they will be happy.

~ feel the reality, feel the happiness
~ Rajiv



2 thoughts on “Happiness Unlimited (leaf 1)

  1. I remember when I started my review for the CPA Board exam, i thought I would be very happy as soon as I could pass the exam. But when I passed, I realized that the true happiness was during my journey towards taking the exam – the preparation, the anxieties and etc. =) Nice concepts Rajiv!

    1. have written this post just theoretically but you had experienced in reality life . . . It was very nice experience <3

      :) Have happy life journey . . . :)
      ~ Rajiv

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