Happiness Unlimited (leaf 3)

Om Shanti…

My responses to the people need to be based – on my personality, not based on the behaviour of others.

The way we think and behave is not for other people, but first for ourselves, because we are the first ones to experience it.

Lets take charge of our mind, instead of trying to control others and expecting that if they change then my mind will be in control.

Let us choose how we want to think, feel and be in every relationship. We have always tried to make others happy, because we thought when they will be happy then I will be happy.

When we do something for others, let us understand that we choose to do it because they matter to us, and so we are doing it for ourselves, only then we will be happy.

Taking our mind to TV, shopping and other distractions is only a deviation from the pain, it is not happiness, because the healing has not happened.

Lets take care of our personality, take care of our responses to other people…

Rajiv M


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