How Does The Mind Work?

We are the controller of Our mind

We can compare the mind with a screen, where thoughts, images, feelings and associations   are constantly appearing. Thoughts manifest themselves in the mind in the same way as images on a film are projected onto the cinema screen.

The mind often interprets negation as affirmation. Therefore, when we tell you not   to think about something, it is as if we were saying, “Think about this” and these   thoughts are produced with even more force in the mind. Therefore transforming negative   habits and personality traits becomes a struggle. The most effective way of fighting   is to ignore these unwanted thoughts, but we should then immediately focus our mind   in another direction, thinking about something positive. Thus useless or negative   thoughts have no space to grow in our mind. Thinking positively is not a battle   against negativity but by imbibing spiritual knowledge, we transform the negative   into positive.

We can compare the mind with a naughty child who is playing with a dangerous object:   if you take it away from them they will cry until they get it back again. Perhaps   a more effective method would be to offer them something that would be of more interest   to them and in this way, by having a new inoffensive toy in their hands, they will   leave the dangerous object alone.

~ Be the Master of your mind

~ Rajiv M


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