Happiness Unlimited (leaf 4)

Om Shanti

Our personality is a combination of 5 types of sanskars, i.e. habits or traits.

Some sanskars we get from our parents and family, which we call hereditary sanskars. It is because we are in the influence of their vibrations.

Then there are sanskars we create because of our environment, our nationality, religion, culture, and friends.

A very important set of sanskars we carry from our past birth. A soul carries its personality traits created in one costume(human body) with it to the next costume.

The fourth type of sanskars are the ones we create through our own will power. We all have the same will power, it is only for us to use it, because each of us is a powerful being.

The fifth type of sanskars are the original sanskars of every soul, which are – Purity, Peace, Love, Bliss, Knowledge, Power and Truth.

Know the real original sanskars of you, be the master of your good personality

B.K. Rajiv


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