alone in an unknown place…

My eyes are empty…
..tears too have left me.
silence fills my heart.

I feel pain no more, I’m numb.
All feeling has left me, I’m empty.
you know everything..
..don’t you, God?

you know everything..
..don’t you, God?

The happiness that i hope
just a symbol of my desire
peacefulness that i imagine
passed without any sensibility

now i will remember
all ur love that u’ve gave me
although just for a while
i’ll enjoy my loneliness in this lonely time

this time……
i just have my loneliness
all left here is just lonely
all stay here is just dream

you know everything..
..don’t you, God?

touched of the mist in cold night
take all my dreams
to the jungle of loneliness
that offer me the bitterness

when the drizzle come to lamentation
put ur lonely voice in steady motion
i saw the quiet pier n felt it
trying to enjoy the beginning of my loneliness

i give my hope to the waves
but waves crash it to the corals
i give my yearning to creeping clouds
n winds make it gone in the valley

i was alone in a silent night
trying to imagine u for the last time
i sing the sadness in the end of coldness
’cause i have to wade across the loneliness

…………….its all over………….

~ Rajiv lonely in the deep dark Jungle… don’t know where to move, in which direction… dying in loneliness and helplessness…
begging for the care, love, relief from the jungle…


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