Life themes: A guide to making positive life changes


Really awesome post it is. Lets get started, the DIY task to change and  to regulate our life.

I wonder that I’m able to relate this post is closely to one of my blog post Its Your mind, regulate it ; don’t try to forcibly control it.

Here is a good example, why should we follow LIFE THEMES: A GUIDE TO MAKING POSITIVE LIFE CHANGES by Malavika.


Hope you are all familiar with mineral water.  Imagine that you have a 1-litre bottle which is full of filthy water.  You are required to replace the filthy water with clean drinking water, but there is a condition.  You can not pour out the filthy water first, wash the bottle and then fill up the bottle with clean water.  In such a situation, how can you replace the filthy water with good water?  It is very easy.  Go to a stream where clean water is flowing.  Just keep the water bottle, containing the filthy water, immersed in the stream.  You will find that after a few minutes, the entire bottle is filled with clean water.

So, instead of forcing our childish mind, lets follow as Malavika says

Choose a life theme you want to focus on. Pick one you want, or a random one, or pick the one your life seems to be naturally gravitating towards. Pick any. It doesn’t matter which, because any of them are going to make your life better. Choose an area of your life that you would like to “upgrade”.

This is your life theme. For now.

For the next week, you are going to put your focus into making small little improvements in this area. It’s going to be fun!

Heartily thanks to MalavikaSuresh

~ M.Rajiv

Malavika Suresh

This is a blog post about making your life better.

If you want to make your life more beautiful, more cozy, more successful, more productive, more meaningful, more balanced, more organized, more fun and just generally more awesome – it ain’t going to happen over night.

For the sake of simplicity I am going to use the word “better” to encompass all of those attributes (beautiful, cozy, successful, productive etc.) So, how do you make your life better?

By making improvements.

By making improvements, you upgrade your life. You level up. Improvements must be made consistently, and you must put in a sustained and focused effort.

Today,we are going to organize your improvements, and carefully craft a plan for taking action. It isn’t good feeling “I really need to make some changes in my life!” but having no idea where to start. Today, we are going to figure out where…

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