My way is filled with blossoms touches in Reality : The heaven of Flowers


Hi my sweet fragrance and freshly blossomed blog friends, I’m here to share my happiness with you… On 26th I had an Unbelievably happiest day, Yeah! its true  the Title of this post. On 26th its Republic day of our country, so no office no tension, full day Holiday.

It’s unforgettable day because I had experienced in reality my blog title “My way is filled with Blossoms” . want to know how … surely I’m going to tell you dudes

That’s the Mega superb Flower exhibition day in “LAL BAGH Botanical garden”, Bangalore. Of course I went there, along with my 2 hostel friends. The highlight here is we didn’t have pre-planned anything. Everything is happening on the way and we execute it and enjoyed lively.

On Lal-bagh garden big crowd is there, the people are in queue for buying tickets, we got tickets and sharply entered in at 10:30 AM. yes, we have entered in to the heaven of Flowers, both the sides sweet fragrance of multiple rainbow coloured flowers, filling my mind with happiness and peace, filling my heart with colourful blossoms. Half a day we enjoyed, taking photos, sighting the flowers as well as girls :P , took over 150 photos in half a day.

Here are some unforgettable collections in LALBAGH Botanical garden’s flower exhibition,

LALBAGH Botanical Garden2

Me and my hostel Friends

LALBAGH Botanical Garden

Let our mind be filled with the colour of these Flower’s

LALBAGH Botanical Garden3

Its “Fruit eating time”, Come on lets taste this watermelon and pineapple slices :)

LALBAGH Botanical Garden1

Now is Shopping time, Wow yeah I’m going to take all these, who is ready to pay for me ?? !!

~ with love in heart with bunch of colourful Flowers
Rajiv chellam


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