When people can walk away from you… Let them go.

How ?

But doing so I’m feeling lonely.
Expecting some clarification
in this from
my blog reading friends..

~ Rajiv M


5 thoughts on “When people can walk away from you… Let them go.

  1. Staying calm and strong within yourself when your love has just told you that it is over, is hard. But when you want Truth and true Love more than anything, it is a lot easier to get out of your ‘Poor me’ state, out of the egoic mind back into your true Self that is Love and doesn’t need anything, that can love everything as it is. When you look at the situation with eyes that are not tinted with needs from the ego, that can see reality as it is, then it does not hurt anymore. With the eyes of your own Love, you see, that every person can and must do what is right for them, you can let them go. You would want the best for them and you do not want them to hang around for you, to make you feel better. You would want the Truth as it is.
    When you always look after your Self by loving the soul that you are, the inner being, the Love that you are, when you feed yourself with your own Love, you do not need an other being to make you happy. You are happy and whole already as you are, so when the other leaves you feel sad and will have to get used to the new situation, but that does not have to take long, if you can let go.

    1. Yes you are right carolina I found it very difficult, up to today I keeping going back to them and getting disappointments. Now I understood what I missed. I forget to love myself seeking love from others. From now on I am going to trust and love myself first and not going to seek love from strangers.

      1. That is so good to hear! Well done! I love your kind and lovingg words and the title of your blog. It is very beautiful. I will follow your words from now on. It is nice to have met you here! Many blissful blessings to you!

      2. It’s nice to meet you too Carolina. I welcome you to my blog with bunch of blossoms. I’m very thankful to god who is blessing me with good friends like you through my blog.

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