In relationships pay attention not to get tired

Om Shanti


~ Words of Dadi Janki ~

In relationships pay attention not to get tired. When someone is speaking I don’t use my intellect. I don’t think ‘Oh, this person always speaks like this… They may not be telling the situation accurately. If you think like this then you yourself will get tired.

We get tired because of the reaction we have in our own thoughts to the nature and character traits of others. If I react even slightly… to their bhavna(character), their nature or their personality traits, that reaction makes me tired.

I have to be a detached observer and keep God as my companion. If I do this, then it is possible for that person to transform.

Even if that soul doesn’t transform then what is important is that he doesn’t become discontent after meeting me. If I am tired then he will leave me discontented.

If I am tired then I can’t be a true helper to that soul. He may be telling me his plans, his ideas. At that time I have to be present and listen with patience.

Then the peace I get because of that patience helps me and him. I have to keep patience, peace and love at every step, in every breath.

~ with love and attention to relationship
Yours lovely B.K. Rajiv


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