Snake Vs Kitten : In my home

Hello friends, Its been more than one week gone. Today I going to introduce you my interesting little pet cat and I’m having his playful moments to share with you all here.

He is small, a mixture of white and biscuit colors in his hair . . .


Little sleepy guy but if he is waken then he is the hero of my home garden . .

If any little cuckoo birds peak in his eyes, that day is great mission day for him to catch it.

He is with us in our home from his child hood,
my daddy bring him to home . . .

Now he is the king, for him our garden is the Jungle . . . The little lion :)

Doing adventures is his hobby . . .

One day he caught a small snake somewhere in our garden . .

I’m afraid of snake, but being a little he finished the snake, I was a green snake which lives in trees . .

Yeah of course I’m bring those adventures photos for you here . . here it is

whit love with pets,

~ Rajiv chellam


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