The Last night dream : where I’d like to stay forever

Let me introduce a person to you. She was a thief. I did not know when she came in to my eyes. I feel better when she was near to me. My eyes were searching her when I’m in the crowd. I did not have chance to talk with her freely. I know that my heart likes her much. But fault with me is I don’t know how to say/express my thoughts to her. She was a kind of silent and homely girl. I didn’t convey my feelings to her yet, don’t know how to, but inside it disturbs me lot.

We were in our last days of our college life. Our Final exams were coming in few days. There after I don’t think there is any possibility to see off her face anymore in the future. I am trying to forget her, because I think that is the only way I know. But today, in the early morning she came in my dream.

It was unbelievable for me. To say how much I love that dream I will say that,“I like to stay in that dream forever in my life if possible”. In morning before wake up the dream came, the dream was like this,

“We were group of friends about 10 people, and she was also there with me. She was sitting along with our friends. Some heart loving music beat was running in the background. I forget myself, was dancing for that music. My friends were also sitting and enjoying that time. I came near to her (the girl I love), she placed her hands on mine. She just stands like a flower in her feet, and walks with me like a butterfly. I can see love in her eyes. I was really gone to a heaven of joy when she was dancing with me. No words to say how much I Love it.”

Done the dream disappears as the doorbell dings and it hits my head like a hammer. I came to know that I was in dream, but still I tried to sleep again and again to get in to that dream, But it never happens. Then I woke up.

Inner voice says this is not going to happen in reality, so at least to make this dream as a memorable note for remembering her I am writing this post.

~ With love
Rajiv M


13 thoughts on “The Last night dream : where I’d like to stay forever

    1. Aw! You are right sandy . . . But I don’t know how to express this to her <3 . . .

      I'll be surely very happy introducing you to her . . . I'm waiting for an opt time for for this . .

  1. hey rajiv , these dreams will come true only if u express ur self to her . Dont be so dumb now, or else u will feel tat u havent expressed to her for ur whole life . :)

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