Do not become prey to doubts

Pay attention that you do not become emotional over trivial matters.

Let there be no fluctuation even in your thoughts.

In Our life, there will be adverse situations through matter, people and Maya. However, we have to finish any impact of the situations with the power of our original stage(peace) and experience those situations as scenes of entertainment.

~ Om Shanti ~

~ Rajiv M


3 thoughts on “Do not become prey to doubts

    1. Maya is referring to the human weaknesses, the vices..
      Maya will come in 5 forms like lust, anger, greed, attachment, and ego…

      Maya is also seen as an illusion, delusion, unreality, temptation, and a force that takes souls away from God.

      Maya is actually an illusion, the false screen above the hidden trap for the humans.

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