The Location Of The Soul Inside The Body

The soul performs the following basic functions:

★ to give life to the body and to keep up life inside it,
★ to express and experience its role through the body, and
★ to receive the rewards or fruits of past actions performed in previous births, through the body.

The soul controls and monitors these functions via the nervous and hormonal systems from a particular point in the brain which has the thalamus, hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal glands. This region is known as the seat of the soul, or the third eye. The connection between the physical (body) and the non-physical (soul) is by the medium of thought energy.

Many religions and philosophies place great importance on the third eye, or eye of the mind. When viewed from the front, this region appears in between and slightly above the line of the eyebrows. It’s for this reason that Hindus use a tilak, a dot in red or sandalwood paste in the middle of the forehead. Christians make the sign of the cross in this region.

Even when one makes a mistake or expresses tiredness it’s to this region that we put the hands in the gestures of self-dismay or exhaustion. After all the soul subconsciously knows that it makes the mistakes and not the body. When people are concentrating deeply in thought it is this area of the forehead where creases or lines forms on the skin.

In Spiritual Service,
♥ Brahma Kumaris ♥


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