The 200th Post of my blog : 13 Evergreen Things In My Memories

Lovely blog reading friends, I am very happy to share you the 200th post of my blog. For 200th post I think to write something special and here it is; collection of Evergreen things that stays in my Memories.

That awesome game I used to play this in my school days. We were 4 to 5 studying in evening tuition centre. That was not a rich area; we actually used to sit in the floor and studies. We look for the time when the master will leave out the room, once he left out for some reason our Ball-pen match starts. We will draw a square in the ground, which is the boundary line, if your pen went outside the boundary line you are out. The thing is we have to strike our pen at one end, it will hit the opponent’s pen and push them outside. The one who losses the match have to buy chocolates for the winners :-D.

That creative moment when I build the superfast jet plane with my pen and its caps in either side of the ruler, I feel like a real jet pilot :-D. I remember last time I did this in my 7th or 8th class in my school days :-D.

This is the most ever loveliest thing that I did in my childhood life. That was 4th or 5th class studying age I am, I will turn the folding type cot to its side and fold it to 90 degrees. I collect some of the blankets or my mother’s saree, towels and clothes and build a small fort over that, only I can sit inside :-D. That was really really awesome and un-forgettable memories ever in my life.

Ha ha! That moment I really feels like hero of the class, I will fight with time, the pen in my hand will moves in 1000Km/h to solve the problem 1st in the class. Once done my hand will automatically rise and my mouth shout, “I DID IT MAAAAM!!”. That moment everybody whoever silently hitting the head in desk to solve the problem turns to me :-D hi hi I like that!!!

Ha ha! that funny thing most of us might have done, and I love to do :-)

Still unbelievable, what kind of black magic it is. When I search for the shirt It won’t be there in shelf, but when my mom came It will be there.

That serious moment when we can’t hear the other person’s voice, we all know :-D but when we stay away from the situation and watch, It will be the good comedy show.

That was evergreen love season in my college time ;-). I do texting with my college friends madly for long hour in a day till midnight. I am almost addicted to texting.

This also happened many times while texting, Almost slept but still texting :-p, sometimes mobile will drop from my hand and I wake up and again continue to do texting :-D.

Ha ha! True story it is. It will only happen in the exam seasons and particularly when we plan to study overnight.

That happens, when using facebook in office. Situation yaar! we can’t laugh, others will get disturbed know :-P Hi hi!

:-D I do shading in the holes of alphabets, mostly when the subject is too boring.

I know most of us do kicking the stone comes in our way while walking in streets :-D. That’s evergreen endless entertainment I love to do, doing, will do and will never stop or forget.

Wow!!, I can see you laughed and that smile is still in your face now :-), that’s what I aimed when writing this post.

Thanks you all my dear blog reading friends for celebrating the 200th post of my blog!!

BTW 2nd century blog post’s tag goes to:

  • Purple Sandra – The Sun & Moon Bookshop Owner and my Favorite Blogger Friend
  • Rainy Butterfly – Dear Oni, Kimi, and Kiba’s Mum and my Favorite Vegan Chef
  • Jeyanthan Bro – My senior, good advisor and my Favorite brother.
  • Hari Bhabu – My dear younger brother and my love.
  • Supriya Akka – My elder sister and my best friend.

With Love,
~ Rajiv M


6 thoughts on “The 200th Post of my blog : 13 Evergreen Things In My Memories

  1. Wooooww! Awesome post rajiv! Hehe which reminds me how an irresponsible friend i am for not writing something for you. Anyhow, cheers for your 2nd centennial post and for the friendship!

  2. Thank you Sandra, Happy hearing from you.

    We both got introduced as a strangers when you commented 1st time in my blog on 7th-September-2011 at 4:59 pm :-D, that is about 1 year, 4 months, 29 days and I am hoping we will be good friends forever…

    No issues :-) my Blog’s front door is always open for my best friend. You can send your guest post for my blog any time…

    Very Happieee having our Friendship Celebration in the 2nd centennial post celebration,

    with bunch of purple flowers,
    Rajiv M

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