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piano keys

Friends I hope you know my interest in music, especially for the musical keyboards. Yes I am, I love typing my fingers in the my desk or walls and try to coincide the sound according with the song that plays. I first learnt playing music in my desktop computer’s keyboard through reading the keyboard learning pdfs and eBooks. For playing music in my computer, I use the piano software like “piano fx studio 4” etc. I play songs & ask my parents to listen to it. I got encouraged from parents and friends.

When I finish my schooling in 2008, my father brought me the first musical keyboard “Casio MA150” has 49 mini-size keys in it. The most useful feature in it is it has 50 built-in songs, that we can practice ourselves by seeing the small display in it. Among the 50 songs the one which I love to play is “The grandfather’s clock”. I’ve played it several times and I still love it, just attached below for you.

But after the college starts I got very less chances to play my keyboard, because I was staying away from my home during my 4 years of college studies. Now I’m done with my college studies, and I am working as a software developer at Doublespring, Bangalore. Couple of months before I took my piano from home. Now I’m getting more and more time to practice. I love spending my time with my keyboard as It gives company to me and helps moving my loneliness away even I am stay alone in my room.

I have learnt some songs by using the midi music files. I use FL Studio, one of the world’s most popular and exciting music production systems, to open the midi files. It will show the music notes graphically, that’s very useful for me to learn songs. I’ve learnt my favourite song “Love Story” by Taylor swift. You can check out my first recording of it here My first piano recording : Taylorswift’s Lovestory Song.

Still I found something less, because I learnt all by myself and I didn’t follow any standards or rules of musical keyboard. It was my long time dream that I should join music class and learn it properly. So last week I planned and have Joined in the music school “Just Play”. I felt very lucky as It was very near to my office, in just a 5mins walk ahead.

Had met awesome people Dilip(Musical keyboard coach) and Roy(Guitar coach) who have dedicated them for the music. I joined for weekend classes, attended two classes last week and I love it… waiting for this weekends :-) Checkout more melodic posts in Sprince’s Melodies – Music category archive of this blog :-)

~ Love you all
Rajiv M


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