Friendship Day Celebration 2014

August 3, 2014 – Wishing you all a Happy friendship day

For the first time in the history of my life I’ve planned to surprise my new friends with love. So yesterday itself I went to dreamworld and bought friendship bands.

The first band I tied to Trisha, our music school student in the past, who I met in dreamworld shop yesterday. I am surprised to see her after a long time. She came with her mom for shopping. I’m feeling happy that I got chance to tie my first friendship band to Trisha.


This pair of bands I tied to the lovely siblings Nikhil-Ananya in our music school. They got surprised and wished me friendship day. They both said, they are making a handmade bands for me and gonna tie them on both of my hands on the next class we meet. I’m so glad to hear that and I’m feeling loved.


This special one goes to a special person, my best friend, Didi and well-wisher, Deepa Gupta. I’m so glad that she accepted my friendship band with happiness. She said that she liked it and gonna keep it tied in her hands for at least 10 days. She also said that she liked it, when I tie friendship bands to many other kids who comes to our music school. Thank you Didi for your love and care for me.


This beautiful one goes to a one of my favourite and most silent student of our music school, Prachi Bharaktiya. I’m so happy when she wished back to me, happy friendship day.


And this one goes to one of the young best keyboard student of our school, Sai. Thankyou Sai for accepting my friendship band.

God . . . I thank you from my heart with love, for being my spiritual friend and making this day special.

~ with love


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